Verde Sano e Bello!

Leading agency: Nuova Acropoli Roma
Area(s) of intervention: Rome
Total budget: € 10.000
NOPLANETB contribution: € 9.000
Duration: 6 months
Starting date: 15st of January 2020

Summary of the project

The project aims to restore dignity to those few green areas in the neighbourhood not simply with the intervention of the volunteers, but rather with a participatory work of development education and awareness raising towards citizens, through the promotion of the culture of sustainability and environmental care. It foresees to redevelop the green areas in the neighbourhood so that they can represent a place for residents to meet and share experiences; plans to create a stronger and stronger synergy among the urban context, the green areas and the citizens themselves, through the development of a deeper awareness of the sustainable actions that can be carried out individually with the objective to educate citizens to a less passive and more proactive attitude not only within their neighbourhood but the whole city, region, nation.


  • 400 citizens
  • 20% of the population of the neighbourhood between 18 and 50 years

Overall achievements

Requalification of green areas concerned with the involvement of citizenship in a training path and awareness of the protection and care of the environment.

  • Carrying out ecological cleaning (23 people), decoration and beautification of the areas concerned, such as the painting of pots, planting of plants and flowers, installation of new certified equipment for the agility-dog trail, new benches, baskets and picnic tables.
  • Development of the website, implemented by 8 students.
  • Realization of thematic workshops for 15 children and 10 adults on the theme of recycling and green protection.
  • Realization of manual workshops with the 2 artisans of the neighbourhood that have freely transmitted their art to the volunteers, who have proved themselves in the construction of dispensers for pets’ hygienic bags and in the pots’ painting.
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