Usa o teu talêgo

Leading agency: Baal17 – Companhia de Teatro
Area(s) of intervention: Lisboa
Total budget: € 6.900
NOPLANETB contribution: € 6.900
Duration: 5 months
Starting date: 1st of May 2019

Summary of the project

The Baal17 theatre company’s project “Use your talêgo” is related with the different community initiatives that the company carries out in in Serpa.
The idea of this project is to raise awareness among the inhabitants of Vale de Vargo’s village to reduce the use of plastic, promoting the use of the talêgo instead of plastic bags. The talêgo, used in our region in the past, is a bag made of rags that was used for storing bread, caring lunch to the field or for shopping.
The key players involved are the União de freguesias de Vila Nova de São Bento e Vale de Vargo, the female Cante Alentejano’s group Papoilas do Enxoé and the school community.
The project is composed of three parts: consciousness, awareness-raising and action. The activities for consciousness will be a visit to the waste collection’s centre Resialentejo and the creation of pathways made by painted footprints that lead people to the recycle bins. For awareness-raising there will be a theatre/drama workshop and a public presentation, sensitizing the local community to reduce plastic use. For the action part there will be a talegos’s construction workshop, with reused clothes.
A digital brochure, called “”Step by step_Do your talêgo”, will be made to enhance the possibility to replicate this project in other places.


  • Vale de Vargo School Community (22 students)
  • Choir Group “Enxoé Poppies” (20 women)
  • Vale de Vargo Community (800 people)

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