Usa la bici!

Leading agency: Salvaiciclisti Bologna
Area(s) of intervention: Bologna
Total budget: € 7.500
NOPLANETB contribution: € 6.750
Duration: 5 months
Starting date: 1st of November 2018

Summary of the project

The project aims at encouraging the use of the bicycle, involving the employees of two important companies of the Metropolitan City of Bologna: IKEA and Enel Energia: 50 employees of these companies will be encouraged to leave the car and use the bike to have a positive impact on urban mobility so on their own health and on the environment. It is a pilot project easy to implement and replicable.
In collaboration with the staff of the companies IKEA and Enel Energia an online questionnaire will be given to test how many members of the company regularly use the bicycle to go to the office and back home. On the basis of the collected information, a series of workshops will be organized to facilitate the approach to cycling, bringing out the advantages that this practice brings to individual and collective health, to save time and money and to positively impact the environment. Not just frontal lessons, but real itineraries guided by a tutor in collaboration with the “Mobike” service. The training process will also be supported by the management of an online forum / chat to give suggestions and answer to all the doubts of the neo-cyclists who will join the project. In collaboration with “Bella Mossa!”, the metropolitan campaign for sustainable mobility, the cycling of the new urban cyclists will be monitored and incentivized with prizes and discounts, made available by the Metropolitan City’s commercial businesses. By downloading the “Better Point” app on the smartphone, participants will be able to monitor their movements and the distances covered, in order to start the process to get the certificate.


  • 50 employees of a company

Overall achievements

The project has widely disseminated the advertising campaign among the HERA Group employee, promoting the advantages of using the bike on the home-work route. What has been immediately confirmed by the number of participants in the mobility management project (around 5% of the employees have joined the project), is that behavioural change projects need to be replicated over and over again until they become a custom, because people are very reluctant to change their habits, even if they understand the advantages. Although this criticism, the association staff considers the results achieved to be positive. 33 people joined the project, 10 people joined the bicycle maintenance course. 2 people were unable to ride bicycles and: thanks to the project they started to use it.

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