Un giardino per Bagheria

Leading agency: La piana d’oro
Area(s) of intervention: Bagheria (PA)
Total budget: € 7.500
NOPLANETB contribution: € 6.750
Duration: 4 months
Starting date: 15th of January 2020
Contacts: lapianadoro@gmail.com

Summary of the project

The project aims to give back to the city of Bagheria a public space to be transformed into a garden through an educational and training process. This process will involve the whole community with the purpose of acquiring the awareness that an active citizenship is determining for the wellness of the city and the planet. The project implies the formation of a group of citizens involved in the enhancement of abandoned and degraded green areas in order to create a new project for those areas with a participatory mechanism and to maintain a permanent laboratory for the co-design of similar projects, through an initial mapping of other areas with the same needs.


  • 2.000 citizens

Overall achievements

The lighting of the square was reactivated, new trees were planted, the water point was restored, the square was equipped with baskets and the periodic cleaning of the square was ensured.

  • Activation of a path for the participatory design of inclusive and innovative green spaces. 500 people.
  • Animation activities aimed at creating greater awareness and awareness regarding the shared and community management and maintenance of the assets and public spaces of the City
  • Creation of a portal where all the contents and initiatives implemented will be inserted. 100 people.
  • Environmental education activities aimed at the pupils of the “Ciro Scianna” high school in Bagheria with video tutorials for gardening activities carried out with the material delivered at home. 2000 pupils.
  • The good practice of sharing the management and maintenance of the furnishings of public spaces in the city has been consolidated and spread.
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