Umweltzentren für Suffizienz & Postwachstum -Bildungsmethoden und -formate für den ländlichen Raum

Leading agency: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Natur und Umweltbildung Bundesverband e.V
Area(s) of intervention: Nationwide
Total budget: € 15.000
NOPLANETB contribution: € 13.500
Duration: 10 months
Starting date: 1st of September 2019

Summary of the project

Many environmental centers (ECs) are in rural areas because of their nature related learning environments and have strong local roots there . In their work, they address heterogeneous target groups such as students, families and people in continuing vocational training. Furthermore, ECs have long been a source of inspiration for sufficiency oriented lifestyles, but are often unversed in economic issues due to t heir mostly ecologically and scientifically trained staff.
The aim of the project is therefore to amplify existing educational approaches of sufficiency oriented lifestyles and to connect them wit h economic perspectives of post growth. To this end, existing educational methods and formats will be refined so that they can be integrated into educational programs of rural ECs. For this purpose, existing examples of best practices are first analyzed and refined by the project team and, afterwards, communicated to representatives of rural ECs in a further training. In order to further disseminate the results, a reader of the workshop and further training results will be prepared and published. Ultimately, the project aims to stimulate the discussion about post growth and sufficiency among the various target groups of ECs . In addition, it aims to promote action competences in the context of sufficiency and post growth, which can then be incorporated into personal and societal balancing processes against the background of Education for Sustainable Development.


  • 30 eco guides
  • 3000 members of the general public

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