Truc Bandiera

Leading agency: Pro Natura Torino
Area(s) of intervention: Rivalta (TO)
Total budget: € 6.500
NOPLANETB contribution: € 5.850
Duration: 6 months
Starting date: 15st of January 2020

Summary of the project

The experience stems from the collective purchase of the Truc forest, a symbolic place in the municipality of Rivalta, 10 km from Turin. A concrete pilot project such as the protection of the forest by the participation of the Truc Bandiera affirms another way of owning and a more ethical and responsible way of caring for the environment. The project includes the collection and cleaning of the forest by young people; the purchase of new equipment and build a cableway for the ecological transport of the collected wood; the delivery of educational activities and the dissemination of this experience so that similar ones can emerge. The project will also imply the starting of new projects for the ecological management of green areas, for example with the involvement of subjects with frailty who can find protected forms of approach to work in contact with nature; the request to testify during seminars and courses on environmental issues new and concrete forms of ethical management of the territory; the proactive relationship to sensitize local administrations, often culturally deaf on environmental protection issues and to involve and return green lungs to the community.


  • 160 citizens

Overall achievements

In the period of the pandemic, having a nearby space immersed in nature has allowed to better understand person’s role inside and outside the community. The project worked to fix the Truc bandiera and preserve it from possible future fires with the help of the young men and women (10 girls and boys in a situation of fragility). Many meeting have been hold in the woods to hold. 8 numbers of Greenletter (3.000 contacts) have been written: this was a place where people talked and told each other. Together people can affirm the right to a place, a forest for everyone more important than those who own it.

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