TréntaMI in verde

Leading agency: Genitori Antismog
Area(s) of intervention: Milan
Total budget: € 5.000
NOPLANETB contribution: € 4.500
Duration: 6 months
Starting date: 1st of November 2018

Summary of the project

The project gives a concrete answer to the problem of traffic and pollution in the city of Milan consistently with the mission of Genitori Antismog (GAS). It is a matter of setting up a ZONE 30 in a limited area close to a school, using soft urban interventions that allow to moderate traffic and free public space (about 50 – 80 square meters) to accommodate plants and flowers.
This intervention is designed as a temporary experimentation with the possibility of becoming permanent if the Municipality will decide accordingly. Among the activities, the contacts with the municipality, the creation of the awareness-raising network /networking and a public debate on the benefits of a urban plan that takes into account the role of the green spaces.
ZONE 30 is an effective urban intervention because, with simple targeted solutions, it allows to obtain concrete benefits: moderation of the car speed and higher level of safety on the roads, recovery of urban space, decrease in noise and pollution, greater autonomy for children and, in general, better quality of life. The proposed project builds on a previous experience with the objective to widen the message about the role and importance of urban green spaces. Their importance is, in fact, covering different aspects such as aesthetic-ornamental; ecological and environmental; social and recreational; cultural and educational.
In conclusion, the project frees and re-qualifies the public space by removing it from traffic and re-launching the role of green urban as an element connatural to the city and not detached from it. The selected area is a specific district in Milan, but the urban plan applied can be easily replicated with the involvement of the residents, neighbourhood committees, schools, local retailers etc. in order to create awareness through a bottom-up approach.


  • 1.500 – 2.000 families of the targeted neighbourhood
  • 50 retailers
  • 100 teachers
  • 1.000 students of the targeted primary school(s)

Overall achievements

TréntaMI in Verde was a a “bottom-up” Living Street pilot project, aiming at having people aware of the role of Public Green in the city life. In particular, it has been demonstrated that Public Green can enhance the air pollution, mitigate urban heat islands and play a decorative role in the streets. Moreover, Public Green is fundamental to free the streets from car parking, especially when abusive.
The area was selected in the north-west of Loreto district in Milano and was entitled to last 3 months. Thanks to its success, the residents, along with the Municipality, have achieved a prolongation of the experimentation.
During the experimentation, the following activities were held: 3 public meetings, 26 events in the spaces of TréntaMI in Verde with 2000 families involved, 40 merchants and all the children of the nearby school.

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