Tomando conciencia social sobre el papel de la ciudadanía en el desarrollo sostenible: los Mercaos Sociales del Sur como catalizadores locales de prácticas de consumo y producción sostenibles

Leading agency: Asociación Mercao Social de Córdoba
Area(s) of intervention: Córdoba, Seville and Granada
Total budget: € 31.250
NOPLANETB contribution: € 28.125
Duration: 15 months
Starting date: 1st of November 2018

Summary of the project

The achievement of sustainable development is a task shared by the whole of society, public and private institutions, companies, social partners and citizens.
All Civil Society Organizations have a fundamental role in raising the awareness of citizens about how important is a sustainable development. Their decisions are supportive or detrimental to sustainability. Therefore, citizens should be formed and trained on sustainable development, for them to be able to get involved in an active mode and also participate in the achievement of a better sustainable life style.
Following this purpose, the proposal is designed to aimed an improvement of the social conscience of the Andalusian citizens, for them to be aware on the importance and necessity of adopting sustainable patterns of consumption and production, through the strengthening of their capacities. At the same time facilitating local tools for them to practice a sustainable lifestyle. This is designed a comprehensive program of training-action structured in two phases, first focusing on training and awareness (training workshops and public awareness campaign) and a second focused on mobilization and advocacy (fair and public meeting of participants).


  • 720 consuming people (citizenship in general and consumers)
  • 12 producers
  • 2 green economy actors

Overall achievements

In order to build an aware citizenship, empowered toward its own change to make decisions and acquire sustainable habits that generate positive behaviours for a more sustainable model of consumption and production the Social Market of Cordoba La Tejedora has implemented a training-action programme. In search of a participative, active and protagonist citizenship, it brought 3 training sessions on “Sustainable Development: practical strategies for its achievement from a local approach”, 6 informative talks dealing with ecofeminism, ethic finance, etc., and a public awareness campaign “Who is who?” that offered 12 guided visits to different local producers and 3 sustainable production and consumption fairs involving more than 600 people.

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