Svolta sostenibile

Leading agency: Cantiere giovani
Area(s) of intervention: Campania (Northern Naples and Southern Caserta)
Total budget: € 50.000
NOPLANETB contribution: € 45.000
Duration: 12 months
Starting date: 1st of November 2018

Summary of the project

«Sustainable Break» aims to eradicate – from the consciences of citizens used to living in the more cemented context of Italy (North Naples and South Caserta) – the idea of normality produced by habit and by the unavailability of alternatives. The project aims to develop a collective awareness of the experienced and often unrecognized hardships, to spread supervisory practices, mobilization and participation to contribute to reverse the route.
1. Ideation of workshop to share educational contents of a Toolkit, to train and mobilize young people and citizens for the regeneration of the territory and to disseminate sustainable lifestyles and consumption and production systems more in harmony with the environment.
2. Production of a Toolkit in digital format and in hard copy.
3. Training for trainers: on the basis of the Toolkit, representatives of the local associations will be trained to carry out training sessions in the schools and in the local associations offices.
4. Education. The trainers will carry out workshops to promote awareness and concrete actions about the topic.
5. Coordination of actions of active citizenship to develop an awareness and advocacy initiative on the territory, reaching widely the local citizenship.
6. Documentation and evaluation of the realized path, to model it as good practice, and spread it through the Toolkit at national level among associations and Local Authorities.


  • 20 associations’ representatives
  • 400 students
  • 6.000 citizens

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