Suffiziente Hochschulen im ländlichen Raum: Beispiele des Gelingens aus Lehre, Betrieb & Campusleben sowie Governance

Leading agency: netzwerk n e.V
Area(s) of intervention: Nationwide
Total budget: € 14.710
NOPLANETB contribution: € 13.234
Duration: 9 months
Starting date: 1st of October 2019

Summary of the project

The project focuses on universities as anchor points with an exemplary and innovative function in rural areas. The aim is a) to initiate structural changes for the integration of sufficiency in the areas of teaching, operation / campus life and governance and b) to initiate and disseminate sufficient and trendsetting behaviors and life models in all university status groups. To this end, a collection of examples of success that have already been tested and established at universities in the specific environment of rural areas will be systematically compiled for imitation. The collection is published in print and digital form. In addition, a selected example will be audio-visually portrayed with the financial participation of the university. The Good Practice Collection serves a) as educational material in formal and informal educational contexts at and outside universities, b) as inspiration and guidance for change for sustainability initiatives and actors at universities – be they students, cross-status groups, from administration, chairs, etc. – and in local politics and administration and c) as a strong means of communication in higher education policy and regional transformation processes, since the participation of actors distributed throughout the federal territory in the creation of the collection generates a high degree of publicity and visibility.


  • 7.000-20.000 university students
  • 600 staff of universities
  • 50 scientists
  • 4.600 multipliers

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