Sufficiency through permaculture

Leading agency: Southern Networks for Environment and Development in Berlin Friedrichshain e.V.
Area(s) of intervention: Primary Berlin and surrounding area
Total budget: € 75.856
NOPLANETB contributions: € 68.270
Duration: 18 months
Starting date: 1st of January 2019

Summary of the project

Efficiency and consistency are part of political and economic action worldwide. It is important to anchor sufficiency as the third pillar of sustainable development. Competence development is the key to this. “SUFFICIENCY THROUGH PERMACULTURE” contributes to the ability of the students to systematically plan and implement projects according to the requirements of the sufficiency paradigm. Integrating different perspectives and hence making them pioneers of change under the requirements of a post-growth society. This will contribute to a competence development in the sense of sustainable urban / community development (SDG 11) and the promotion of sustainable production patterns (SDG 12) and a resource-efficient Europe (FI 4). The integration of project partnerships opens the global perspective (SDG 17). The project objective is to enable students to apply permaculture approaches with integrated African experiences in project work. Two years of a partner school will be able to introduce principles and methods of permaculture in their Ghana project. They acquire key competences for their further development. This phase results in a didactic concept and a guide, which is examined by 20 development and environmental organizations. The didactic concept is anchored in the course program of further adult education institutions, which ensures their dissemination in target groups outside the development policy environment.


Students and teachers of a school for adult education, ecological garden projects, multipliers in the field of development education

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