Sensibili al cambiamento

Leading agency:
Partners: Empiria cooperativa sociale onlus, Consorzio Comunità Brianza, Gruppo Cooperativo CGM, World Environmental Education Congress Network
Area of interventions: Provinces of Milan, Monza Brianza, Como and Lecco
Total budget: € 64.000
Requested contributions: € 57.600
Duration: 18 months
Start and end date(s): 01/11/2018 – 30/04/2020

Summary of the project

The project aims to promote, within the target area, a cultural change relying on the principle of co-responsibility in both personal and political choices of individuals.
The food supply chain will be used as a basis to reflect on all aspects of everyday life, which can be beneficial for the environment and for the quality of life.
The project actions envisage a concentric process, which, starting from the project network expands to the local community. This will be achieved by using a variety of tools adequate to people’s differences in terms of culture, age, nationality and social concerns. The aim is to act at several levels: 1. building reflective practice within the network, leading to constant and significant changes in everyday working and personal life, even if these may be small steps; 2. guidelines, coordinated communication, an “ad hoc” brand and events, improving knowledge and raising awareness on the interdependence of our actions, to bring this experience to both citizens and public institutions of the concerned areas.


3,200 between members and employees in the consortia, 450 students of the secondary schools (total 3,650 people)

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