Romanul pretuieste mancarea

Leading agency: Asociația Terra Mileniul III
Area(s) of intervention: Roman, Neamt county
Total budget: € 35.219,87
NOPLANETB contributions: € 3.1697,53
Duration: 18 months
Starting date: 1st November 2018

Summary of the project

The project “Roman city cherishes food” is an innovative project that has not been implemented in Romania so far and we want to create a model that can be multiplied.
The aim of the project is to reduce food waste at the Roman city level on the food production and marketing chain.
The project has 3 specific objectives:

  1.  Increasing the awareness of citizens in the Roman city about food waste;
  2.  Increasing the level of gymnasium teachers’ and pupils training them on food waste;
  3. Development of a local action plan and development methodology on food waste reduction to increase the recovery of foods at risk of becoming waste by redistribution and fast consumption.

Project activities: Citizens awareness campaign, teacher and pupils training, developing of Local Action Plan, food recovery, monitoring, evaluation, dissemination of information.
Beneficiaries: Roman’ citizens, food business, social workers, authorities.
The main results: approximately 15,000 informed citizens, 20 teachers and 400 pupils trained on food wastage and methods to combat it, Local Action Plan and related methodology, distribution network, software to facilitate network connections.


15,000 informed citizens,
20 teachers
400 pupils,
100 food beneficiaries – vulnerable groups

Overall achievements

* 20.000 informed citizens – awareness campaign on food waste;
* 30 economic agents and 16 social agents – beneficiaries of the project;
* 1 workshop held: 36 participants;
* 40 teachers trained on how to reduce the food waste; 26 contracts with teachers;
* 750 pupils involved in the project;
* 2 training sessions for the teachers: „Preventing food waste”;
* 3 press releases; 30000 people media impact; 1 video – Facebook reach 23.128 people;
* 120 questionnaires for retailers for inventorying the quantities of food waste were diseminated and collected;
* ShareFood app – offered to the project use from „A Hot Meal” CSO – 18.800 reach people to donate food for min. 100 beneficiaries.

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