Reciclamos con otro sentido

Leading agency: Asociación para la mediación social EQUA
Area(s) of intervention: Cadiz
Total budget: € 7.394
NOPLANETB contribution: € 6.507
Duration: 7 months
Starting date: 1st of March 2019

Summary of the project

The project is an awareness-raising campaign aimed at promoting a greater commitment to action and responsibility making the appropriate use of existing resources. The project sets various activities: a training for a group of young people with intellectual disabilities who will be contracted to give environmental workshops in primary schools. These workshops will make use of recycled material so that young people can learn how to elaborate a product with recycle material. Then a Street Action will be organized exhibiting the school work done during the recycling workshops.


  • 600 primary school pupils
  • 10 people with intellectual disabilities
  • 15 students from educational and environmental career
  • 500 general citizen from Cadiz city

Overall achievements

The environmental awareness campaign “Reciclamos con otro sentido” (Let’s recycle with a different meaning), organised by the Association for social mediation EQUA in #NOPLANETB in more than 40 schools in the Bay of Cadiz, allowed students and people with intellectual disabilities to be trained and then to offer workshops to more than 945 students on the management of urban waste, recycling and care for the environment. It has been an environmental awareness campaign whose objective is to raise awareness in order to take a commitment to action and responsibility that leads to the appropriate use of existing resources, which is linked to an objective of social inclusion and equality for all people.

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