Leading agency: Asociación Española de Operadores Públicos de Abastecimientos y saneamiento
Area(s) of intervention: Andalucía
Total budget: € 7.264
NOPLANETB contribution: € 6.537
Duration: 4 months
Starting date: 1st of March 2019

Summary of the project

The project implements a digital awareness campaign focused on the importance of the responsible use of water at home. The awareness-raising campaign will be based on 5 animated spots with an approximate duration of 30 seconds each, 5 static images for the press and 5 specific websites with relevant information on the subject being transmitted. The topics to be dealt with are: The integral cycle of water for urban use; Daily habits to save water at home; The danger of throwing wipes, oils, medicines and other elements through the water closet; Drinking tap water to avoid plastic waste; And sewerage as the beginning of nature, making incidence on what we throw in.
The awareness campaign on the importance and the correct use of tap water is aimed at reducing the ecological footprint of households through daily habits, especially in their relationship with the integral water system. Tap water is nothing more than a loan from nature to carry out numerous daily activities, but that the abuse and misuse of drains affects our ecosystems.
That is why the project carries out a campaign to raise awareness of the limited availability of water resources, the average consumption involved in daily activities and the proposal of alternatives that enable the population to change their habits and achieve a reduction in water consumption in homes, to raise awareness among the population to achieve a more appropriate use of tap water thus reducing the generation of waste scarcely degradable (water bottled in plastic)


  • 2.250.000 people among Andalusian citizenship

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