Preparation of a study on landrace old fruits

Leading agency: Giligan Nature and Trandition Conservation Association
Area(s) of intervention: Túrkeve, Mezőtúr, Törökszentmiklós, Kuncsorba, Kisújszállás, online country-wide
Total budget: € 7.054
NOPLANETB contribution: € 6.349
Duration: 6 months
Starting date: 14th November 2019

Summary of the project

Preparing a Study: Introducing the Old Fruits, their Time of Harvesting, so that these trees return to the public areas, to the courts of schools and kindergartens, saving traditions, taking advantage of nature conservation opportunities, popularizing products made by the public. Presentation of lectures, plant trees and also distribute seeds for further plantation, providing consultancy for producer as well.


  • 50 employees of Local authorities
  • 20 non -profit organizations
  • 20 teachers
  • 150 students
  • 10smallholders
  • 150 local people

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