Postwachstum und Suffizienz als Leitlinien eines sozial- und klimagerechten Strukturwandels im rheinländischen Braunkohlerevier

Leading agency: Institute of environmental justice e.V.
Area(s) of intervention: Rhinelandia
Total budget: € 14.198
NOPLANETB contribution: € 12.778
Duration: 6 months
Starting date: 1st of January 2020

Summary of the project

The rhenish lignite mining and the surrounding region are marked by cleavages between municipalities and groups that are differently affected by or dependent on lignite mining. Climate crisis and changing political frameworks sharpen these conflict lines and enable possibilities for an anchoring of post-growth and sufficiency. The project starts here: Through several inter-connected education and information events, flanked by public relations, political action, and the development of educational material, conflict lines shall be weakened, sufficiency-oriented perspectives for change be strengthened and alternative development opportunities besides lignite mining be understood as change. The broader public, young adults and youth with diverse backgrounds are primary target groups; teachers, pedagogues, multiplicators and political decision makers secondary. The events aim for the reduction of conflict lines and the development of a common sufficiency-oriented perspective in the context of global and local consequences of lignite mining. A target group specific addressing combined with the development and testing of innovative educational concepts, based on interactive didacticts, are central pillars.


  • 150 people total: general public, teachers, young people, CSO multipliers, political decision makers

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