Leading agency: Associazione Culturale Demetra
Area(s) of intervention: Montebello Ionico (RC)
Total budget: € 6.000
NOPLANETB contribution: € 5.395
Duration: 6 months
Starting date: 1st of November 2018

Summary of the project

The project would like to answer to the problems of poor participation of citizens in the civic life of the city and of urban degradation and lack of aggregation space. Furthermore, there is paramount need to carry out actions aimed at integrating the foreigners present in the territory, as well as aimed at the recreation of enabling environment for the education of the youngest. The project will be addressed to the entire community who, already from the early stages of the project, will be able to regain possession of an area that today, being degraded and being almost exclusively attended by guests of the nearby SPRAR centre for asylum seekers and international protection, it has become a symbol of abandonment and marginalization. The project will be characterised by actions to recover the area and to disseminate through ambassadors a new culture of active citizenship, responsible and attentive to environmental sustainability. The recovered area will be a substantial, concrete and tangible example of how a cohesive, determined, intercultural and intergenerational community can succeed in the ownership and management of common goods, by contributing in an effective way to the spread of good practices of environmental protection and social cohesion.


  • 30 young people

Overall achievements

Implementation of the following actions: volunteers cleaning up the project area (10 days), planting trees (18 instead of 8 expected) and aromatic plants (160 plants instead of 60 expected), a laboratory to create tables of information about the project. It has been registered a collaboration to the activities of 43 students (instead of 10 students expected) and 9 Associations (instead of 5 expected). Moreover, some business owners started an active participation to the project, donating tools, instruments, time, location and marketing communications. It is important to notice that a spread marketing action gave the possibility to activate a bottom-up process, which succeeded to the involvement and sensitization of several citizens, previously not taking part in the Associations. Thanks to the creations of such synergies it was possible to enlarge the factual actions by installing an irrigation system (not expected in the project).

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