Leading agency: barfuß e.V.
Area(s) of intervention: Rural areas around Leipzig
Total budget: € 14.965
NOPLANETB contribution: € 13.469
Duration: 6 months
Starting date: 1st of January 2020

Summary of the project

The barfuß e.V. which stands for experimental environmental and sustainability education, offers 3 action days for school classes of the Dübener Heide with the project „”. Through creative methods students will identify sources of happiness and question the relations of living standard and happiness in modul 1. Modul 2 and 3 are set on the Camp Trampelpfad of the barfuß e.V. and implement post growth ideas practically. In the context of resilience and sufficiency we will apply methods of regenerative landscaping, such as soil building as a form of climate protection. Hereby we aim to illustrate the limits of natural growth processes as well as the importance of sustainable use of resources. Modul 3 will then cover the ‘ecological footprint’, climate consequences and climate justice, and parents are to be invited. Concrete methods for the daily life, e.g. regarding sustainable consumption, will be tested and the ties between cause and effect between global north and global south are to be uncovered. Additionally the conception will be spread through a training of multipliers, networking as well as professional exchange be tween players of sustainable education and ESD within the region.


  • 150 pupils
  • 75 parents
  • 15 multipliers

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