Milano, cartoline da un futuro possibile

Leading agency: A.ME.LIN.C
Area(s) of intervention: Milan
Total budget: € 50.000
NOPLANETB contribution: € 50.000
Duration: 12 months
Starting date: 1st of October 2019

Summary of the project

This project is meant to help citizens of selected neighbourhoods in Milano to redesign their neighbourhood to improve living standards, social inclusion and cohesion and to tackle the challenges of the climate crisis, connecting local conflicts in the management of the commons and local issues with wider processes. This will be obtained through a series of (in)formative sessions, focus groups and workshops, delivered in collaboration with local schools. The last two will allow citizens to take an active role in a collective and democratic process to redesign the local environment. Throughout the project citizens will be encouraged not only to find practical short- and medium-term solutions to increase the sustainability and liveability of the neighbourhood, but also to make use of narrative and artistic tools to illustrate their long-term vision of a post-transition neighbourhood, identifying long-term project to realise it. The chief outputs of the project will be the local ecological transition plans 2020-2030 and a digital platform that collects useful information of the present and local visions for the future, increasing the awareness of new and old citizens for local sustainability solutions.


  • 50 high-school students
  • 50 teachers and school personnel
  • 20 parents
  • 20 neighbourhood lab staff
  • 20 CSOs staff operating in the concerned neighbourhood
  • 50 inhabitants of the neighbourhood

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