Marmocchia Toolkit

Leading agency: Massa Marmocchi
Area(s) of intervention: Milan
Total budget: € 8.995
NOPLANETB contribution: € 8.995
Duration: 6 months
Starting date: 1st of October 2020

Summary of the project

Through this project, the Massa Marmocchi Association intends to make its contribution to support and increase bicycle journeys home-primary schools and back. School mobility is a key issue, especially in this particular moment, and it is demonstrated that the use of bicycles not only contributes to reduce private vehicular traffic and the related pollution, to contain the overcrowding of public transport and to increase safety in the areas in front of the schools with important benefits on the health of children, but thanks to its characteristics naturally guarantees the physical distancing of children along the home-school journey. The project is aimed at developing an innovative path, based on listening to and participating in local stakeholders (families with children enrolled in primary schools, parents associations / committees, teachers and school managers), which will give the possibility to increase the effectiveness of the Massa Marmocchi initiative (in terms of responsiveness to the needs of the beneficiaries) and allow its wider diffusion in the Milan area. This proposal stems from the desire to increase the sustainability and dissemination of the Massa Marmocchi action throughout the territory through the participatory creation of an ad hoc tool: the Massa Marmocchi Toolkit, which will aim to support and spread – through a specific path and additional materials for parents, schools and volunteers – the Massa Marmocchi’s initiative.


  • Pupils and families of the 4 participating schools (tot. pupils about 1900); managers and teachers of the participating schools; potentially all the parents and pupils of the 220 thousand primary schools

Overall achievements

Four main activities were carried out:
1) creation and distribution (to 2083 pupils of elementary school participating in the project) of a postcard with a link and QRcode for the completion of the online questionnaire aimed at collecting data on the use of bicycles and home-school travel habits of children and their families;
2) processing of the data collected and creation of online workshops aimed at involving 60 people from schools (managers and teachers), families, and volunteers in the identification of home-school routes;
3) Evaluation of the routes (identified through the workshop) with the involvement of parents and volunteers aimed at the implementation of the subsequent experimentation of Massa Marmocchi with children and families;
4) development of the MARMOCCHIA TOOLKIT, in digital format, aimed at guiding groups of parents (of the 220 primary schools in Milan) in the process of activating the Massa Marmocchi

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