Marea VOLUNTARIADĂ națională de mediu a școlarilor!

Leading agency: Asociația Semper Musica Filiala Tecuci
Partners: Asociația Semper Musica
Area(s) of intervention: National
Total budget: € 33.369,09
NOPLANETB contributions: € 30.032,18
Duration: 18 months
Starting date: 1st November 2018

Summary of the project

Continuous, sustainable and competitive environment education? The first Romanian map regarding the resources consumed by the local schools, the existence of environmental education and the waste collected and recycled? The first accreditation for schools as-ECO Schools? The Big National Environmental Voluntary Competition of pupils! will access 105 schools in Romania, from which 40% schools from rural areas or small cities, with the goal to increase the access of approx 31500 pupils to continuous and sustainable environmental education through non-formal education, KITs for the environmental actions and a national environmental competition. Also, the schools will be able to report their water and electricity consume, the number of environmental education and protection actions and, based on these data, will be able to receive the accreditation-ECO School. In order to create a synergy with other similar projects, the proposed actions will be addressed also to the pupils’ parents, local teens, public authorities and local NGOs, the methodology of the project being available for the European entities interested in adapting and replicate the project. The project proposes a new approach regarding the environmental education and of the ways schools are seeing their own consume of resources and the protection of the environment, and creating new systems and national data bases which will show a more broader view of the commune efforts regarding the protection of the environment.


105 secondary schools from 22 counties
31.500 pupils cls 0 to VIII

Overall achievements

* 105 schools participating in the competition from 22 counties, 40% rural area;
* 21 schools won the „Eco-School” badge;
* 62% of schools (13 schools out of 21) showed a cumulative decrease of 5% in consumption (water and electricity);
* 6858 organized environmental actions; recycling 124454 kg of paper, 6082 bags with plastic, 11758 kg of glass, 758 bags of cans;
* 3833 environmental training sessions for pupils; 367 planting actions, 589 ecological actions;
* min. 46479 unique pupils involved, over 3864 parents, 1050 young people in the community, 383 representatives of local authorities, 130 CSOs;
* 1 WEB MAP developed by schools;
* over 58950 Facebook reach.

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