Made in Carloforte

Leading agency: Posidonia Project
Area(s) of intervention: Carloforte – Sardinia
Total budget: € 42.000
NOPLANETB contribution: € 42.000
Duration: 12 months
Starting date: 1st of October 2019

Summary of the project

Carloforte is an island of about 6000 inhabitants with a strong tourist vocation: in summertime the population quadruples, and this has a strong impact on the management of urban waste and the care of the marine environment. The main aim of the “Made in Carloforte” project is to raise awareness about the management of urban waste, among the 2 clusters of “residents” and “visitors” in Carloforte, with a special focus on plastic as an object of recycling, reuse and upcycling.
The project activities will be organized along 3 main axes: educate, activate and disseminate. Axis 1: creative recycling laboratories in collaboration with local schools, with the aim of creating a shared awareness about the life cycle of everyday objects.
Axis 2: local campaign against littering. Inhabitants and tourists will be invited to compete to recycle as much plastic as possible, and they will be rewarded through a souvenir created from plastic collected thanks to a 3D printer.
Axis 3: organization of a festival dedicated to sustainable development, art and tourism, which will disseminate the good practices of the project. “Made in Carloforte” is an innovative and necessary project because it helps Carloforte to achieve its waste management objectives. It does so by bringing together various local and international players to organize coordinated actions that promote circular economy and fight the impact of waste, and in particular plastic, on the environment.


  • 425 primary schools pupils
  • 3.000 people (residents + tourists)

Overall achievements

Activities carried out:

  • Involvement of the local associative fabric and the local community in sharing the project and its activities
  • 1 beach cleaning: 150 people divided in 5 locations.
  • Realization of laboratories about eco-design: 150 pupils age 5-13 years.
  • Involvement of laboratories and the local community in the development of the communication campaign aimed at tourists with the aim of raising awareness on the marine litter issue and protection of the marine and coastal ecosystem.
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