Leading agency: SCARTOFF
Area(s) of intervention: Barletta – Apulia
Total budget: € 30.000
NOPLANETB contribution: € 30.000
Duration: 12 months
Starting date: 1st of October 2019
Contacts: michelina.roc@gmail.com

Summary of the project

The project called LOOP aims to prevent and reduce waste with different activities to attract interest about environmental issue for the public and private sectors of the Comune of Barletta. The goal will be to stimulate and involve the new generations in an awareness raising project on the good practice about the environment, and to recommend eco-design solutions as an answer to the waste production problem. A key role will be played by the Graphic and Design students of ISS Garrone School of Barletta, that with innovative visions and know how, they will make aware all the citizens and all the companies around the area about the importance to find answer on environmental matters. The Cultural Association Scartoff wants to be part of this achievement being a strong support in all the development process, to promote the eco-design aspiring to “do more and better with less”, and leading all the students to create different projects. With the technical support of Fabbrica 42, Scartoff’s partner, the goal is to create gadgets and merchandising for companies and to promote digital tools, transforming them in very handful products instead of wasting materials. Next step of the project will be to get aware about this experience all the regional territory as an example of circular economy, improving the quality of life.


  • 30 enterprises
  • 50 high-school students

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