Lombrichi liberi a Quartu

Leading agency: Presidio Piazzale Trento
Area(s) of intervention: Quartu Sant’Elena (CA)
Total budget: € 3.500
NOPLANETB contribution: € 3.150
Duration: 6 months
Starting date: 1st of November 2018
Contacts: ambrogiotrudusestu@gmail.com

Summary of the project

The idea starts from the desire to give back to the community a renewed green area and some games abandoned since many years. In fully coherence with the mandate of the association, the proposed project in a perspective of circularity, builds on the ‘worm farming’. In particular, the association will start to weed and to recycle part of the brushwood using the compost heaps with the worms to produce locally the compost ‘from farm to fork’. The compost will be then used to reactivate the land as it happened in another part of the area, where now there is a small vegetable garden and a meadow. In this way, a renewed green area will be given back to the identified target groups (residents and students of the neighbourhood schools), by minimising its degradation (presence of vandals, use as a dump, etc.). This activity will be accompanied with the realization of an educational path on the composting and vegetable garden practices, of an information campaign and of some final events with the aim to create synergies with those who live closer to the recovered area, to improve their awareness on the importance of the greening for the cities to be more sustainable and in the overall fight against climate change.


  • 300 visitors
  • 1.800 young people
  • 300 students

Overall achievements

During the project execution, the 3 results designed have been achieved: a cleaned green area, a retrieved playing area, sensitized people. In particular:
20 recycling garbage bags (100 liter each) collected, 250 kg of bulky waste wreckage and electrical appliances) sent to disposal, 100 square meters vegetable garden realized, game equipment (mini basketball field) restored, sensitization activities (300 among neighbourhood people and students) realized.

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