Let’s do it! Stop brown coal. Start transformation.

Leading agency: Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie e.V.
Area(s) of intervention: Middle German lignite mining region
Total budget: € 98.948
NOPLANETB contributions: € 70.000
Duration: 18 months
Starting date: 1st of January 2019
Contact: f.wittmann@knoe.org

Summary of the project

The main goals of this project are to support the resistance against lignite mining in the mining region close to Leipzig and to promote socio-ecological alternatives for a sufficiency-oriented energy supply. In order to achieve this, we intend to organize an action and education week in Pödelwitz, a village which is threatened to be destroyed for the expansion of the adjacent lignite mine. Here we want to discuss the impacts of lignite mining on climate change and inspire people to get involved in the alternatives. We also intend to reach people in the area who are not politically active yet, using methods of transformative community organizing. Among other activities, a series of events is planned for this. Moreover we want to develop a media campaign together with people active in the climate justice movement, which strengthens efforts for a quick exit from lignite and promotes a just and sustainable energy supply. A simultaneous series of workshops will offer skills to professionalize political work to people who are already active.


Residents of the Central German lignite mining area, students and young adults, Politically activists from the Central German lignite resistance, general public

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