Let’s compost together!- in harmony with nature

Leading agency: Humusz Associaton
Area(s) of intervention: Hungary
Total budget: € 7.323
NOPLANETB contribution: € 6.371
Duration: 6 months
Starting date: 7th November 2019
Contacts: humusz@humusz.hu

Summary of the project

The project’s goal is to promote composting as a waste reduction and management good practice on a national level. We invite groups and classes from kindergartens, schools and civil communities all over the country to celebrate Compost Day at their institutions and share their projects with Humusz Association.share good practices and methods not only in composting, but waste reduction and conscious consumption in general, and awareness raising games will be presented, like the escape game „Logikuka” developed specially for this event.


  • 1500 children from kindergartens
  • 100 pedagogists
  • 2000 representatives from churches, schools and civil communities all over the country
  • 100.000 general public

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