Knowledge vs climate change

Leading agency: Knowledge vs climate change
Area(s) of intervention: Reggio Calabria
Total budget: € 30.000
NOPLANETB contribution: € 30.000
Duration: 12 months
Starting date: 1st of October 2019

Summary of the project

“KnowledgeVSClimate change” through the proposal “Community in transition for resilience in the southern suburbs of Reggio Calabria”, is a project for the construction and strengthening of knowledge on urban sustainability, recycling, circular economy and possible actions for adaptation to climate change for communities located in the southern suburbs of Reggio Calabria, in line with the tactic of the “city of knowledge” of Pensando Meridiano. Training, information and education activities are planned on the issues of sustainability and resilience together with making actions for the sustainable transformation of the territory and urban areas (capacity building) aimed at young people under 35 in the city of Reggio Calabria. Within a context as sensitive as the southern suburbs of Reggio Calabria in which it is possible to detect phenomena of environmental and social degradation referable also to the poor quality of spaces and urban built, such tactics become necessary as the most effective method to sensitize the communities on the importance of circular processes for the adoption of good practices for adaptation and the fight against climate change with reference to the 13.3 target of Agenda 2030 (SDG13).
The project includes among the partners: the UNIRC with the Art Department which offers teaching and training courses on the themes of city, architecture, resilience and climate change; the Ass. Reboot for the networking of public and private subjects to promote social and technological innovation in the south.


  • 60 primary and secondary schools pupils
  • 100 young people under 35
  • 15 CSOs and startup members

Overall achievements

It was organized the seminar #zero + Focus Group #Linking on climate change and Sdgs in Agenda2030 for the sustainability of the territories and the southern suburbs of RC with 25 young people participating. Due to Covid, the Open Seminars Cycle has thus become an Open Webinar, with speeches by teachers and experts of international level and various discussants. The 5 seminars had an average duration of 3h and 30 min, an average of 90 people participated in connection (with a peak of 125). It was promoted the PMopenschool #Inoovation_Capacity_Building, an “Open School” of KnowledgeVsClimateChange on innovative skills for sustainable projects for 45 students. . Activities of regeneration, recycling, urban walk were carried out in the southern suburbs with the direct collaboration of the PMopenlab startup.

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