Immagina. Corviale verde

Leading agency: Retake Roma
Area(s) of intervention: Rome, Corviale neighborhood
Total budget: € 10.000
NOPLANETB contribution: € 9.000
Duration: 6 months
Starting date: 1st of November 2018

Summary of the project

The project idea stems from the desire to enhance and strengthen the path, which led in 2018 to the creation of a solid network of associations in charge of the park care in Corviale, a neighbourhood in Rome. What arose was the high potential of the context and the opportunity to support some relevant trends such as the need to reconsider the suburbs as living spaces, perceived in a new way by its inhabitants, who also need to identify themselves with their territory and to start living and actively transforming it.
Some of the proposed activities focus on the regular maintenance of the park thanks to the purchase of new equipment and on the aesthetic and decorative improvement, thanks to the creation of a mural and the renewal of flowerbeds.
Together with the mentioned activities, there will be thematic meetings and workshops to encourage people to go to the park and use this space in a more responsible way; guide visits and laboratories with the students of neighbourhood school on the waste management and recycle and on the responsible use of the common goods.
The outlined strategy implies an active participation of the district through the continuous maintenance of the park, as already happens with the organisation of cleaning days open to the citizens, and meetings on issues related to the environmental protection, responsible behaviours and sustainable lifestyles.
Towards the end of the implementation period, an action-party in the park is planned to be organised in correspondence with World Earth Day and close to the UN Recycling Day to illustrate the results of the project and its future evolution.


  • 250 children
  • 17.000 inhabitants of the neighbourhood

Overall achievements

The project concerned both the aspects of physical and structural care of the garden and activities of social animation of the garden and neighbourhood. Activities carried out: cleaning, environmental awareness workshop for children (40 students), urban walk through the streets of the neighbourhood (125 people), a final party (200 people), screening films, embellishments of the public space through murals and new plants.
One of the main results was to get a protected environment where different associations were able to overcome their mutual mistrust and enrich themselves from the experiences of others.

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