Il verde intorno a noi

Leading agency: ZAC!
Area(s) of intervention: Ivrea (TO)
Total budget: € 9.600
NOPLANETB contribution: €8.640
Duration: 6 months
Starting date: 15st of January 2020

Summary of the project

The project wishes to encourage citizens to use urban green areas; to bring out needs and desires with respect to urban green areas, close to schools, not really enjoyed by students;to create and promote short green routes in the city for commuters and tourists starting from the train station, where the cooperative is based. With this project, the idea is to enhance the urban green areas, by creating and promoting small green paths, through signs and information panels that lead the citizen and / or the tourist to make more use of these green urban spaces, starting from the cooperative HQ, which is in fact a city gate from the point of view of rail and extra-urban bus traffic. As for the citizens of Ivrea, and in particular young people, the goal is to create participatory processes with the aim to increase awareness of the city’s green heritage.


  • 100 citizens
  • 100 students of the high school
  • 100 people among commuters and tourists

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