Il lato C

Leading agency: Step4 srlis
Area(s) of intervention: Metropolitan City of Milan
Total budget: € 36.040
NOPLANETB contribution: € 32.436
Duration: 18 months
Starting date: 1st of November 2018

Summary of the project

The project aims to implement a model of intervention for active global citizenship education within the educational planning of secondary schools. This will be achieved improving the quality of training processes in 10 schools in Milan and promoting, in accordance with the Italian MoE programs (PON 2014 -2020), their key role in fostering “the development of transversal – social and civic – competences, which are part of the broader concept of promoting global citizenship, in order to educate aware and responsible citizens in a modern, connected and interdependent society”. The proposed approach foresees that schools themselves are proactive and able to guide students in the possibility of concretely applying the skills acquired; students will be able to engage themselves in first person in promoting actions for the benefit of their territory of residence and act their role as active and global citizens. The project plans to test both the most efficient and innovative education techniques for global citizenship, and the smartest tools for measuring and evaluating acquired citizenship skills. The involved schools will experience a path that will combine teacher training, “tutored” implementation of learning units on SDGs, school crowdfunding campaigns and initiatives of creative involvement of local communities to fight against climate change through concrete actions to modify production and consumption patterns (energy, water, waste, food, paper, etc.).


  • 1.000 students
  • 500 teachers
  • 1.500 families’ members

Overall achievements

The project presentation was a great success, and the expressions of interest collected are greater than the initial estimate: 21 classes in 8 different schools. A Teachers training course took place and reached the participation of 16 teachers. Due to the COVID, some activities were carried out not in attendance, both with the teachers (coordination and tutoring) and with the classes (tutoring and implementation of the campaigns through distance learning). 9 of the 21 participating classes decided not to end the activities, due to difficulties related to the COVID. The activities continued with the other 12 classes and in the last phase of the project, two classes were re-involved in the promotion of school crowdfunding campaigns. 6 crowdfunding campaigns were carried out by 11 classes to finance school sustainability projects conceived by students together with teachers and the school community.

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