HOTSTOP: giovani contro il cambiamento climatico

Leading agency: H.R.Y.O. (Human Rights Youth Organisation)
Area(s) of intervention: Palermo
Total budget: € 48.000
NOPLANETB contribution: € 48.000
Duration: 12 months
Starting date: 1st of October 2019

Summary of the project

The title “hotstop: youth against climate change”, on the one hand evokes the need to tackle global warming, on the other it recalls the Mediterranean region as one of the global hotspots, meaning an area particularly exposed to the effects of climate change (CC). The main objective of the project is to raise public awareness on the impacts of cc in Sicily by training and strengthening the competences of a group of young activists aged 20-30. The first learning modules (hub knowledge) will be followed by a practical activity ( hub experience ) where the trained activists will mentor a group of children during a summer camp on climate change. The last work package (hub climate action) will involve campaigning and advocacy activities that will result in a dissemination event at the ecomuseo. The initiative is aimed at having the first juvenile hub on climate change in Sicily: a virtual and physical space that will initially be itinerant and concretely reach the stakeholders, and find its headquarter by the end of the project. The hub will strengthen the synergies and therefore the potentials of all the organizations involved, already engaged in activities related to the themes of environmental education, scientific research, dissemination, youth, defence of human rights and anti-mafia activism.


  • 100 people from 20 to 30 years
  • 2 trainers
  • 5 circular enterprises

Overall achievements

All the partner organizations took part to the kick-off meeting. Once the HUB Knowledge was completed, 32 participants responding to the project target group were selected. The contents were accompanied by weekly tutorship windows to support the course participants and encourage interactions. For the HUB Knowledge, development and implementation of 2 in-depth seminars with 40 participants each. The HUB experience has provided 2 training moments with 8 activists aged 20-30: the first, an online training on environmental education, sustainability and, the Palma Nana educational method educating to beauty; The second moment allowed us to put into practice the knowledge acquired through the participation in the Adventure Camps of the operators previously trained, in an experiential internship. HUB climate action: the activities carried out in this hub included the creation and launch of the “Terra Fertile” social campaign, the realization of the final online event and an advocacy one.

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