Hitzacker wird plastikfrei

Leading agency: Gemeinsam für Hitzacker
Area(s) of intervention: Hitzacker
Total budget: € 14.836
NOPLANETB contribution: € 13.350
Duration: 10 months
Starting date: 1st of September 2019
Contacts: plastikfrei@gemeinsam-fuer-hitzacker.de

Summary of the project

With our project “Hitzacker wird plastikfrei” we want to encourage a different way of thinking regarding the use of plastic articles, develop alternative courses of action and, above all, reduce the number of disposable articles and packaging waste. The overarching goal of our initiative is the implementation of a contemporary, sustainable and need-based lifestyle in a consumer society. We will address households and businesses in our town, inform them about the negative side of plastic products and motivate them to change their consumer behavior. We will support this with advice, a checklist and a certification program. Certified participants receive the certificate “Hitzacker wird plastikfrei”. In addition, we plan to develop posters and other promotional material, to draw further attention to the initiative. In this way, Hitzacker is to become a model for other small towns in rural areas.


  • 1.500 privat households
  • 89 store owners and private sector representatives (Cafés, Restaurants, Hotels)
  • 10 CSOs
  • 5 local authority representatives
  • 5.000 broad public

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