Gamification Garden

Leading agency: L’Albero
Area(s) of intervention: Basilicata (Melfi)
Total budget: € 64.000
NOPLANETB contribution: € 57.600
Duration: 18 months
Starting date: 1st of November 2018

Summary of the project

The project aims to conduct a communication campaign able to raise children awareness of the responsible production and consumption.
To achieve this, the principles underlying the multiple intelligences theory will be applied, combined with theatrical and game-based learning techniques that will enable all children to enjoy the topic covered and understand it in depth.
There will be 4 primary school classes, each with its own lab. Each class will explore each of the following topics: food, sustainable housing and city, renewable energy, re-use and recycling.
Each lab will be structured in two steps:
• step 1: the educators will help the children in the learning and research process, by applying the multiple intelligences theory and game-based learning techniques
• step 2: the children will be actively designing games that will be proposed during a final performance by the same character they will contribute to create and that will be played by a professional actor.
Those two steps will culminate in a final performance that will engage and entertain children and parents from the local community. The resulting work will be expanded and optimized for web and digital publishing as 4 different edutainment contents for all Italian children and families.
This proposal will foster children imagination and will make use of tools and languages from different areas (performing arts, gamification, web and digital) in order to create new and diverse activities stemming and expanding from the regional experience of Basilicata.


  • 1,800 children
  • 1.000 parents
  • 1.000 people at the event

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