Frenemos el cambio climático

Leading agency: Asociación “ENEA” Equipo Naturalista y Educación Ambiental
Area(s) of intervention: Lucena municipality and region of Subbética
Total budget: € 7.200
NOPLANETB contribution: € 6.480
Duration: 8 months
Starting date: 1st of March 2019

Summary of the project

The project wants to raise awareness and involve the local population from Lucena municipality and its surrounding (Subbética) in the conservation of the environment. More concretely, it raises awareness and critical thinking about the climate change, disseminating relevant information on sustainable development and how to contribute to conserve biodiversity. To this end, a Short – documentary on climate change will be produced to highlights the consequences of the climate change threats to the Planet giving protagonist to local neighbors and how they can curb the consequences of climate change.
A Green Forum will take place to involved citizens, environmental entities and public administration on these issue as well as environmental volunteer actions to raise awareness and to contribute t to the conservation of the environment (Reforestation, Bird censuses and Nest boxes workshop)


  • Local population of the region of Subbética

Overall achievements

The association “ENEA” Equipo Naturalista y Educación Ambiental through the project “Frenemos el cambio climático” (Let’s stop climate change) has developed several outreach and environmental education activities through 7 environmental volunteer actions of reforestation and waste collection. The objective was to raise awareness and involve the local population in the conservation of the environment planted trees and bushes of native species, bird census, litter clean-up, nest box workshop with the participation of about 200 people. A documentary on climate emergency called “Climate emergency. A local view” has also been developed providing a local and playful view on this problem and it was inaugurated during a day of presentation and screening of the documentary.

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