Floresta na Cidade

Leading agency: Conselho da Fileira Florestal Portuguesa /PEFC Portugal
Area(s) of intervention: Lisboa
Total budget: € 67.720
NOPLANETB contribution: € 60.820
Duration: 15 months
Starting date: 1st of November 2018
Contacts: geral@pefc.pt

Summary of the project

The #florestanacidade project is aimed at the young students of the 22 secondary schools in the city of Lisbon, with three main objectives: to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable forest management perceived by the urban school population, to give visibility to the certification of sustainable forest products and to alert to the importance of individual choices in the context of sustainable consumption. In order to achieve the objectives described above, a contest of ideas will be launched in schools, whose prizes will include the materialization of ideas and their dissemination. Students are expected to work in groups or individually, and to develop their ideas from the content to be provided on the contribution of sustainable production and consumption to ODS and value chain issues. The ideas to be submitted by the schools through the completion of a technical file that can be accompanied by photos / video, should fall into one of the following categories: product (for the creation of new certified forest-based products), technology and communication campaign. The evaluation criteria of the project will include innovation, replicability and the practical application of ideas. The project must be selected because it fulfils all the criteria of the financing line, and because it bases its strategy and dynamics on assumptions of continuity and replicability, representing an effective contribution under the SDG 12.


  • 5.000 Students
  • 2.500 people of the educational community
  • 10 Partners

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