Feria de la biodiversidad cultivada

Leading agency: Red Andaluza de Semillas “Cultivando Biodiversidad”
Area(s) of intervention: Andalucía
Total budget: € 6.604
NOPLANETB contribution: € 5.944
Duration: 4 months
Starting date: 1st of March 2019
Contacts: ras@redandaluzadesemillas.org

Summary of the project

The proposal contemplates the celebration of Cultivated Biodiversity Fair. This fair, is proposed as an action of awareness raising, as well as of formation and incidence, around to 2 main axes:
– The importance of cultivated biodiversity and the defence of local varieties as common genetic heritage
– The valorisation of the rural knowledge linked to it.
For FAO, the conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources for food and agriculture is central to ensure agricultural production and mitigating the effects of climate change. The activity is designed to raise awareness and inform society in general on the current situation of the cultivated biodiversity, raising debates on possible actions to be developed and publicizing the results and successful experiences that are locally facing the challenge of conserving and promoting the use of natural resources, and seeds of local varieties. It is a meeting place for those you are looking for production alternatives, consumption and marketing that promote sustainable agro-food systems.
The fair will include the following activities:
1- Exhibition of traditional varieties and products of Andalusian farmers and associations for its promotion among the participants.
2- Space for exchange of seeds by professional farmers and women farmers, amateurs.
3- Guided visits to the local orchards to show participants sustainable and biodiverse agricultural practices
4- Talks, conferences and round tables on ecological agriculture, health, plant genetic resources, short marketing channels and agricultural biodiversity in the Andalusian context with the objective to educate and inform the population about aspects related to the sustainability of our agrifood system business.
5- Tasting and exhibition of Andalusian products to show the population the great genetic and productive heritage.
6- Competitions of orchards and typical Andalusian dishes with the aim of giving value to the Andalusian culture.
7- Practical workshops on agricultural biodiversity management in Andalusia to train people on the production, conservation and use of plant propagating material.
8- Children’s workshops on local crop varieties with the aim of raising children’s awareness.
9- Informative points and zone of exchange of experiences, space to show materials to promote the use of cultivated biodiversity.
10- Screening of documentaries or short films on ecological agriculture, sustainable food, etc.


  • 500 citizens that work with the dynamic and community management of cultivated biodiversity (farmers, consumers, technicians and researchers)

Overall achievements

The Andalusian Seed Network “Cultivating Biodiversity” organises every year a biodiversity fair to raise awareness and promote the use of ancient seeds and traditional and peasant varieties. In 2019, with the support of the #NOPLANETB project, it held this fair in Cuevas del Becerro (Málaga) During these 3 days, with the participation of more than 130 people, workshops and conferences, awareness-raising, educational and advocacy actions were focused on the importance of cultivated biodiversity and the defence of local varieties as a common genetic heritage. The consumption and maintenance of local varieties makes it possible to recover agricultural biodiversity, a key element in ensuring quality and food sovereignty.

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