Leading agency: Associazione Amici di MAIS
Area(s) of intervention: Turin
Total budget: € 5.500
NOPLANETB contribution: € 4.950
Duration: 6 months
Starting date: 1st of November 2018
Contacts: info@mais.to.it

Summary of the project

The project aims at stimulating socialization and inclusion, empowering citizens towards the care and restoration of the common green urban areas, and increasing knowledge on healthy eating, peasant agriculture and food sovereignty to favour the active role of consumers. It will focus on the rehabilitation of two abandoned green areas located in two strategic neighbourhood in Turin, by involving citizens in social farming activities, considered also by the EU, a way to combine sustainable agriculture with food security and environmental protection. The main steps are supposed to be: 1. raise people awareness about ownership and responsibilities in the care of green areas; 2. disseminate and spread the information related to the green areas, managed at community level, to promote also the exchange o experiences with other areas / country.


  • 200 people directly involved
  • 500 participants to the events

Overall achievements

The implementation of the activities led to the creation of a strong network of contacts which increased the number of beneficiaries involved and the areas of intervention. This has made it possible to further diversify the target of beneficiaries (150 children and young people aged 5 to 25, adults, the elderly, people with mental disorders or physical disabilities, vulnerable individuals) and to expand the dissemination of the practice of social agriculture and outdoor education. The awareness-raising events (120 people) increased from 2 to 5, involving different subjects as speakers (representatives of local associations, professors of the University of Turin, experts in urban agriculture and food) and proposing various themes to further diversify the target of the people involved. The project ended with a big event (600 people) which involved various local and national realities that promote sustainable lifestyles with their activities.

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