Eco-ambasadorii Reciclarii

Leading agency: ViitorPlus – Asociația pentru dezvoltare durabilă
Area(s) of intervention: Bucharest & national
Total budget: € 38.483,26
NOPLANETB contributions: € 34.634,70
Duration: 18 months
Starting date: 1st November 2018

Summary of the project

Romania is facing a disastrous situation on waste management, due to institutional weaknesses but also the lack of education and involvment from the population.
The project „Recycling Eco-ambassadors” aims at developing a national focal point when it comes to practical and educational information about separate waste collection, starting from a current ViitorPlus initiative – the Recycling Map. The online platform is undergoing an upgrade which will be finalized in October 2018. It will bring a modern approach, using „crowdsourced information”, where users will be able not only to have access to practical information about the collection points for all recyclable materials, but they will also be able to update this information based on what they find on the field. After November 2018 we plan to promote as much as possible the information and facilities ofered on the platform through educational sessions for 100.000 pupils, direct interaction with the general public at min. 20 big events offered by a group of selected and prepared volunteers, The Recycling Eco-ambassadors, but also through institutional and media partnerships. All together we strive to get to 1 million users to use the information on the platform by April 2020.


100.000 pupils
1 million unique users of the platform

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