Earth call… I want you to save the planet!

Leading agency: IEBA – Centro de Iniciativas Empresariais e Sociais
Area(s) of intervention: Mortágua
Total budget: € 7.469
NOPLANETB contribution: € 7.469
Duration: 8 months
Starting date: 1st of May 2019

Summary of the project

Despite awareness growth, it is essential to continue focusing on citizenship education and environmental awareness.
Young people are a strong driver of change and their capacity to mobilize and influence others is great. We also know that their environmental awareness must continue to be worked on and developed. As such, young people are the direct recipients of this project, in the perspective of future, with their knowledge and behaviour influencing others.
In this sense, this project combines the importance of continuing work, particularly with young people, on environmental issues, with a focus on promotion of individual and simple techniques to reduce waste production, helping them to be more aware citizens and assets, through a methodology that promotes greater involvement and with which they identify. Thus, in an era in which technologies plays a very important role, it is proposed to bring this dimension to the project, through design, production and dissemination of a “serious game” – software developed through the principles of interactive game design, with the objective of spreading educational content (gaming at the service of environmental education / awareness), designed for android environment.


  • Young people (from 12 years old), totaling approximately 250 (at launch)

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