É p’ra Amanhã

Leading agency: Circular Economy Portugal
Area(s) of intervention: Portugal
Total budget: € 55.135
NOPLANETB contribution: € 49.135
Duration: 12 months
Starting date: 1st of November 2018
Contacts: epraamanhadoc@gmail.com

Summary of the project

In a moment where there is an increasing consensus from the scientific community and from politics concerning the need to effectively fight climate change, civil society plays a fundamental role in this transitional process.
However, the new sustainability models are poorly spread and are mainly problem-oriented, creating dissatisfaction, disconnecting from citizens, blocking the formation of a collective vision for a more sustainable society. Inspired by the documentary Demain, which had more than 1 million viewers in France, emerged the idea to create a documental series to visit projects and initiatives in Portugal related to food, energy, education, economy and politics that promote more sustainable practices for the future of the planet. The main goal is to raise awareness and encourage Portuguese people to change their attitudes and behaviours, creating a new movement of citizens engaged towards creating solutions.
The intention is thus to promote initiatives typically with less visibility that, whose current practices, if spread can accelerate the transition from current economic and environmental models to more sustainable ones. The projects will be documented through a journey in bicycle, throughout the whole country, to raise awareness of the importance of rethinking the current systems of transport and energy, and so that the documentary itself can be a role model in matter of sustainability.


  • 50 organizations and local groups
  • 10.000 students from 100 schools
  • 50.000 through television

Overall achievements

The project achieved its goal of raising awareness and encouraging all Portuguese society to change their attitudes and behaviors, giving visibility to less known initiatives and projects, but with practices that can, if disseminated, accelerate the transition from current economic and environmental models to more sustainable models.
The documentary series of 5 episodes – Food; Energy and Mobility; Economy; Politics; Education – was produced and included more than 60 projects in Portugal. Was premiered in January and was being broadcast on Portuguese television, on the SIC channel, in May 2020. In total, 204.500 people were reached directly through episode viewers and social media events.

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