Cambio climático: Tarea de tod@s

Leading agency: Ecologistas en Acción Córdoba Cuidad
Area(s) of intervention: Province of Córdoba
Total budget: € 31.250
NOPLANETB contribution: € 28.125
Duration: 12 months
Starting date: 1st of November 2018

Summary of the project

The objective is to raise awareness among citizens to take the reins of the fight against climate change, on a personal and collective level, by requiring administrations to focus their policies on this necessary change in behaviour and adaptation to the effects of climate change.
To achieve the objective, it will first be necessary to contact social agents near, then sensitize the citizenship, continuing with training, so that they acquire the capacity to debate and decide the changes that they consider necessary to carry out in the neighbourhood and transfer those proposals to the town hall for that collaborates and participates in said changes.
We will carry out awareness-raising activities, such as information tables, lectures, exhibitions, competitions and in a second phase, more of a training nature, such as workshops focused on mobility, energy and waste.
Logically, the benefit of the fight against climate change reverts to all citizens, who, in turn, will be in charge of that transformation.
This project would have several seeds in the city and we believe it is fundamental because we believe that the best way to transform society should be participatory and collective.


  • People in the street and civic centers and the young people thought educational centers
  • Citizenship in general of the municipality of Córdoba

Overall achievements

Ecologistas en Acción Córdoba has been promoting participatory processes with neighbourhood associations in 7 areas in Córdoba to diagnose the environmental and social state of these neighbourhoods and establish measures to adapt them to climate change and mitigate it. “Barrios por el clima” was an action to raise awareness of the environmental problems of the different neighbourhoods and to create connections between neighbours in order to take action on the fight against climate change through participatory decision-making processes. Workshops in educational centers, informative stands in public places, collective mappings have been held to collect the opinion of the inhabitants about the most necessary measures to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

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