Cambio Climático en el Poniente Almeriense_ Un acercamiento feminista

Leading agency: Federación Mujeres del poniente y la alpujarra por la igualdad
Area(s) of intervention: Western of Almeria’s province
Total budget: € 7.500
NOPLANETB contribution: € 6.750
Duration: 8 months
Starting date: 1st of March 2019

Summary of the project

To raise awareness and generate debate on climate change as a central focus, agriculture as a local focus, and women as a transversal axis. For years, ecofeminism has been claiming this vision: there will only be climate victory if patriarchy is dismantled and there will only be an egalitarian transition if productivism is dismantled. That is why, it is so important to act transversally on two pillars at the same time: involving women in the fight against climate change and to incorporate in the gender approach the ecological perspective in general and the climate perspective in particular.
The project has two main objectives:
1. To situate climate change in our territory: the relationship between agricultural industry, citizenship and climate change
2. To raise awareness about the natural and cultural heritage of the western part of Almeria’s Province standing for more sustainable agricultural practices
In this sense, series of activity activities to generate debate and ecological awareness will be implemented as such:
– Meeting day on Climate Change with working tables and pooling.
(Food Sovereignty, Renewable Energies, Education and Climate Change, Women and Children)
Climate Change).
– Group dynamics sessions in primary and secondary schools.
– Day in urban public space: Urban art competition and theater workshop against change.
– Carrying out dissemination and awareness-raising material on ecological agriculture, dignifying the farmers and especially women farmers, usually invisible.
– Create and moderate a Facebook page on environmental impact in the region.
– Promote the adhesion of schools to the Eco-schools network and to the ALDEA Programme.
– To inform on the sustainable use of water and to promote the creation of a Centre for the Interpretation of Agriculture, a space for raising awareness of sustainable agricultural uses and climate change.


  • 200 young people
  • 30 teachers
  • 120 citizens
  • 2.000 people as indirect public

Overall achievements

The Federación de Mujeres del Poniente y la Alpujarra por la Igualdad promoted sustainability in its territory with its project “A feminist approach to Climate Change in the Poniente Almeriense”. In this way, more than 470 young people participated in recreational activities in the classroom and with urban art and discovering and interpretatiing of the natural and cultural heritage of the area. They also organised conferences aimed at an adult audience to debate and generate ecological awareness and to situate climate change in our land: emphasising the relationship between the agricultural industry, citizenship and climate change. All the activities carried out are collected in a magazine for dissemination.

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