Bora Ambientar

Leading agency: Quercus – Associação Nacional de Conservação da Natureza
Area(s) of intervention: Lisboa e Portalegre
Total budget: € 7.490
NOPLANETB contribution: € 7.490
Duration: 7 months
Starting date: 1st of May 2019

Summary of the project

‘BORA AMBIENTAR intends to be a new show for TV and social media, sponsored by Quercus, whose main goal is to bring awareness to the young audience regarding the environment, mainly climate changes. Inspired by “Green Minute”, an environmental TV show produced and presented by Quercus since 2006 every workday during the information program “Good Morning Portugal” on RTP (Portuguese public TV channel), ‘BORA AMBIENTAR will be directed and coordinated by the same team. It will consist of short videos (2min per ep), presented by students aged 11-13 (selected from the pilot project “Green Minute goes to the school), spoken in a young language while using practical messages. The target audience are all the youth that have outgrown kids shows, however who are not yet prepared for more technical content. The goal is to produce 7 episodes about the most challenging environmental problems, particularly in Portugal, and also about the new trends currently arising to reduce our ecological footprint. The episodes will focus on the following environmental issues: marine litter; climate change; renewable energy; water scarcity; ecological footprint; responsible consumption; native forest. As strengths for our show we headline Quercus’ experience in similar formats; the network we have built thanks to former projects starring young people concerned with the environment; the lack of a TV show about this subject for our target audience; the scalability of this project, considering that one Portuguese TV channel (SIC K) has already expressed interest in broadcasting it; the possibility of it being used as educational tool in schools and subbed in other languages; the formats adaptability to being organized by multiple themes.


  • Students of the 3rd cycle of Basic Education
  • Youth Audience (SIC K) between 7 and 14 years old

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