BISS – Bildung für Selbstversorgung und Suffizienz

Leading agency: Mida Solena gGmbH
Area(s) of intervention: Everode
Total budget: € 13.800
NOPLANETB contribution: € 12.300
Duration: 8 months
Starting date: 1st of November 2019

Summary of the project

The BISS project is developing a comprehensive course program aimed specifically at schools taking parents and teachers into account as well as children. The aim is to teach children and young people useful skills for self-sufficiency, such as vegetable gardening, bread baking and milk processing. At the same time, an involvement with the regional and seasonal production of food is promoted. Didactic methods are chosen which, in addition to professional and technical skills, also enhance personal and social competence and make it possible to critically question one’s own guiding principles. In order to promote discourse in families, there is a further offer directed at the parents of the participating pupils. In order to further increase the effectiveness of the project, further training is offered for teachers so that they can transfer the teaching/learning methods used to their respective school contexts.


  • 60 pupils
  • 15 parents
  • 15 teachers

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