BioNeiva: na corrente do Rio Neiva

Leading agency: Rio Neiva – Associação de Defesa Ambiente
Area of interventions: Esposende
Total budget: € 56.072
Requested contributions: € 50.464,8
Duration: 18 months
Start and end date(s): 1st November 2018 to 30th April 2020

Summary of the project

The project aims to promote a new vision for the environment in the context of the Rio Neiva Valley, more concretely in the municipality of Esposende. Activities will be carried out where proximity to the target audience is crucial, since it is understood that knowledge near the territory is a determining condition for a successful environmental education. The target of this project will thus be the local school community and the general public as the main focus, but also the industrial community located in the Neiva river bed. The activities to be carried out will start from what the territory already has to offer, namely its natural and landscape heritage (integration in the Natural Park of the North Coast) and its cultural heritage (historic waterfronts trail, county festivals, etc.). The proposed activities respond directly to the three key areas listed for this contest, providing:
– enhancement of existing rails by introducing additional information by mapping the biodiversity of fauna and flora together with the school community;
– raising awareness of waste reuse and promoting active living by creating a community of users of reused bicycles;
– promoting the use of sustainable energy through the creation of new water mills with materials reused and developed by the school community.
It proposes a period of two years that will solidify the foundations in the local community for a new environmental culture, through the maturing of ideas and messages to the target audience.
Rio Neiva, an ONGA with wide experience in the design and implementation of environmental awareness and defence projects will be the beneficiary entity and responsible for the execution of the project.


800 Students
50 Teachers
120 People from the community
50 Industrial community

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