Bioclimatiza tu cole

Leading agency: Cotidiana, Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza
Area(s) of intervention: Province of Seville
Total budget: € 7.500
NOPLANETB contribution: € 6.750
Duration: 9 months
Starting date: 1st of March 2019

Summary of the project

This project intends to generate knowledge and awareness in educational communities helping them to improve their immediate environment. In the first place because there is a strong need to provide schools with bioclimatic solutions and we consider that the best way is to give tools to the users themselves. On the other hand, we think that school buildings, being learning centers, should be examples of other ways of building that are better adapted to the climate and more respectful of the environment. And, finally, we believe that generating this knowledge in educational centres can be an easily extendable germ to homes and, at the same time, to workplaces, since easily replicable and adaptable strategies would be proposed. A germ of knowledge as a tool in the fight against climate change and energy poverty.
The project consists of 3 well-defined phases:
1) the elaboration of a Guide / Catalogue of bioclimatic solutions for Schools,
2) the application on the CEIP Huerta de Santa Marina, in Seville, as a pilot project,
3) specific actions of social and institutional awareness and incidence.


  • 167 schools
  • 250 persons (Pilot schools student’s families)
  • 300 interested persons

Overall achievements

The Cotidiana Cooperative with its initiative “Bioclimatize your school” has trained 60 children as bioclimatic advisors for their own school by measuring, through participatory workshops, climate data. Then simulations have been carried out and bioclimatic solution that can be applied have been elaborated in the pilot center to see which bioclimatic strategy can be adapted. All this methodology and solutions have been compiled and published in an practical Handbook of bioclimatic solutions for schools that can be replicated in other educative centers. The project has a great impact and visibility at regional and national level thanks to the participation in national conference and had been selected as the winning project in a national contest.

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