BEE-TIME: arte para el cambio. Programa de sensibilización y fomento de la apicultura natural como agente cooperante en modelos de restauración ecológica

Leading agency: BE.TIME Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza sin ánimo de lucro
Area(s) of intervention: Cadiz
Total budget: € 7.264
NOPLANETB contribution: € 6.537
Duration: 9 months
Starting date: 1st of March 2019

Summary of the project

Bee Time is an artistic residency program with actions that express the sensitive and sustainable relationship with the environment, making awareness raising activities through art. The program is designed so that artists can immerse themselves in the world of beekeeping and transfer their experience to an artistic work that expands environmental awareness in order to sensitize the public. Bee Time seeks to broaden the cultural background of the local population in order to reconnect it with the environment and to make change in their habits introducing an ecological dimension, generating heritage, knowledge and awareness against the climate change impact in our ecosystems. Through art, the aim is to have a direct impact on the population of Cadiz, promoting a more respectful and sensitive attitude. In addition, activities are carried out to favour environmental awareness and education, always using as a central piece the role played by bees in ecosystems. Finally, the construction of collective learning contexts around natural beekeeping is promoted.


  • 200 local population
  • 30 members of local association
  • 10 artists

Overall achievements

The project “BEE TIME: art for change” combines art, ecology, research and learning community to restore the health of honey bees in the Cádiz area by rescuing swarms for relocation to natural environments. It created various public awareness campaigns to disseminate practices and ideas relating to the honeybee and its role as a climate crisis indicator. New hive prototypes were built which serve for educational and research purposes as well as the plantation of a melliferous garden inspiring artists who joined an investigation relating to art as a tool for communication and transformation generated an awareness-raising process to appreciate local environmental issues. The results of these latter investigations were shown in the art exhibition.

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