Barrio Organizado para la Transición _BOT

Leading agency: Santa Cleta, Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza
Area(s) of intervention: Seville
Total budget: € 31.250
NOPLANETB contribution: € 28.125
Duration: 18 months
Starting date: 1st of November 2018

Summary of the project

“Organized Neighborhood for Transition – BOT”, aims at generating a collective conscience, articulated, embodied in action plans with a clear vision of social transformation, which must include and involve all social and economic agents, based on social innovation , that collects proposals and experiences of proven sustainability that go beyond conventional strategies and actions, allowing greater sustainability and well-being in our neighborhood.
We identified 10 sectoral work areas: 1- Energy, 2- Mobility, 3- Education, 4- Housing, public space and urbanism, 5- Local economy and employment, 6- Green and circular economy, 7- Leisure, culture and heritage, 8- Social inclusion and integration, 9- Food and consumption, 10- Tourism.
And 5 transversal work areas: 1- Gender and care, 2- Communication and dissemination, 3- Training, 4- Community mediation and participation, 5- Celebration and meeting.
We propose key elements such as: articulation, collaboration, participation, sustainability, social fabric, resilience.
A project that provides the community and its key social and economic actors with these tools will allow their strengthening, as well as their main beneficiary groups, ranging from entities and social groups, businesses and small local enterprises, education centers , local media, visitors, tourists, institutional agents and citizens in general.


  • At least 25 civil society organization
  • Local commerce and business of the neighborhood
  • Educational Centers Citizenship in general
  • At least 500 people, with a minimum of 50% of non-male presence

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