Leading agency: Associazione Culturale Antigone – Osservatorio sulla ‘ndrangheta
Area(s) of intervention: Reggio Calabria
Total budget: € 8.000
NOPLANETB contribution: € 7.200
Duration: 6 months
Starting date: 1st of November 2018

Summary of the project

The project “Bambart” aims to create opportunities for youth aggregation, to spread good practices and to promote values linked to the respect of our own places and environment. It will be done through the sensitization of the territorial community sensitized to the theme of creative recycling and of the key role of the green areas in a urban context, which will end with the restoration of a playground. The location is an area bordering both the Observatory on the Ndrangheta, a sport centre, which, due to lack of public funds, has not been renewed in recent years and The Lilliput Daily Centre, which welcomes every day a lot of children, affected by significant economic and social difficulties, by organising recreational and educational activities. The renewal of the area, so, can contribute also to give back an outdoor space to the people meeting in these centres. Together with the activities related to the recovery of the area, in terms of awareness raising, a significant part of the project is dedicated to the Rici-clown creative laboratory on how to create beautiful objects from the rubbish, which will end with a final event of street theatre performed by the local community.


  • 250 children
  • 350 families
  • 20 adults

Overall achievements

The activities carried out, which made it possible to empower a large part of the community, were: Cleaning of the spaces: many areas of the park were degraded and it was necessary to remove all the material. Activities of decoration and restoration of the green areas: creation of colourful flowerbeds, decoration of the benches; restoration of green areas thanks to the cultivation of the lawn; reorganization of the picnic area. Realization of the play areas of the park. The rici-clown workshop has allowed the involvement of 250 children of the territory thanks to the collaboration with the institutions and other associations. Campaign “My green”: it allowed families (200) to entrust some flowerbed of the park that has been cleaned, restored and decorated. My green represents a real turning point for the community because it is a sign of the concrete commitment of the desire to take care of the common spaces for collective well-being.

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